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[email protected] - Mobile Mail for All !

This app is for all people using a unique email-address (Domain like yourname.com) and searching for a Webmail-interface It provides an universal Webmail-Service without server-side installation. Roundcube, Squirrelmail or Horde are not needed.

[email protected] is a secure, independent and advertising-free mail service (which you can use with a browser on any device without this app). It offers direct access to any mailbox without any installation effort and without data-consuming synchronization of the mailbox by working directly with your mailserver - so you don't need to change MX-records for your domain.

You can try this service on: https://mobi.emailshuttle.app

This app is mainly for all people using a unique email-address (Domain like yourname.com).
For people using an ad-funded mail provider such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook.com, yandex, mail.ru: Please use the app from your provider - this is made for you (you already have Webmail and so you do not need this Webmail). Please notice: Freemail usually is limited and slow (even gmail limits the IMAP-access). This provider want you to use their platforms.

Please notice the difference from other mail-apps: This is a web-service (Webmail) with increased security (integrated antivirus and spam-protection) for getting your e-mail device independently. This is not just an android App but an independent managed webservice - it's a sever-side, not a client-side application. This app is a complete in-house development. This service works seamlessly with other email programs. Parallel installation on multiple devices is possible.
The service does not share data with other apps. There are too many other apps that steal your data without asking (your mail-contacts, phone-lists, and also your account data).

[email protected] is a gateway that works as a cloud service by using your mailserver as real time resource. All content sent to your device is preprocessed on server side, in order to minimize data transfer and to check your e-mails for malicious content and viruses.
Only after a login data will be transferred to your device, so the volume of data can be effectively reduced and controlled.
We recommend to use IMAP, POP3 is outdated.

We do a lot to make the login as simple as possible. So we automatically obtain the parameters of your mailbox. This works for nearly all mailboxes - not only for the big providers - but in some cases this may fail because there is no unique mechanism for this. If this is the case, you get an error message - please contact us with this message or ask your provider for the settings of your mailbox (If you have problems to read your office-Mail: Make sure that your mailbox is accessible not only in the corporate network, but on the Internet).

Manage any mailbox from multiple vendors centrally and clearly with a single login.

[email protected] is the ideal solution for those who need an independent access to their mail - whether privately or as a company!


- Optimized for minimal data transfer (gzip compression of all data traffic)
- Easy to use
- All your mailboxes in one place
- Provider-Independent (up to now more than 10 000 supported provider)
- Virus protection in real-time (based on ClamAV)
- Malware protection by using Google Safe Browsing
- Spam-Protection using 10 different Blacklists (for registered users)
- Integrated document viewer
- Integrated Autoresponder
- No Advertising
- IMAP and POP3
- International
- SSL and TLS
- Notifications
And many more, such as foldermanagement, a plain-text representation of all mails, no signature by the mail client

This service requires a fast POP or IMAP server! If you use a slow server (like gmail) you will get a slow service.

Your SMTP-server is detected automatically and if there are problems with it, your mails are sent through our own server.
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