volleyball technique

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Volleyball Game is a game created by William G.

Morgan in 1895 with the name Minitonette which is now known as Volley Ball. Volleyball games alone can be played in indoor or outdoor fields with a size of 18 × 9 meters with a net for men 2.43 meters and a daughter of 2.24 meters.

This game is a game that is quite difficult to play by ordinary people, because to learn this game we usually have to resist the pain to punch and we also have to learn techniques from games that cannot be done in a short time. Before you learn other techniques, to become a professional you must learn the basic techniques of volleyball.

The basic technique of Volleyball Games is divided into 4, namely Block, Service, Smash or Spike and Passing, where all these techniques must be mastered by all volleyball players. Which will be more highlighted according to the position of the player, such as toser you must be proficient in giving feedback or passing to players who will do the smash. The following is an explanation of each movement.
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