US Army Sniper Shooter: Special Counter Terrorist

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US Army Sniper Shooter: Special Counter Terrorist

Who doesn’t want to be a part of legendary modern ops as an army shooter in new and sensational fps shooting game? If you want to be a sniper shooter or sniper killer then you are at the right page for military attack game. US Army Sniper Shooter: Special Counter Terrorist is not just a special army critical strike game but it is a sniper war. It is an anti-terrorist movement for the defense and safety of your nation. You are a swat sniper and you will be doing army sniper shooting and military shooting to blow the sniper strike to your enemies. This military sniper games has the challenging and addictive missions where you are a bold contender who will be doing military strike through the sniper shoot and killing the enemies. Be the gun shooter who can do anything to save his nation.

US Army Sniper Shooter: Special Counter Terrorist is an army counter terrorism force whose missions surrounds around the counter attack operation which is the counter terrorist duty of each military men. The game not only tests your sniper shooting skills but it tests your nerves that how you will handle chaos and mutiny as part of counter terrorist force. So, as a US Army Sniper Shooter you need to be courageous and vigilant because you are part of prestige US military. Therefore, you should carry out fire activities in this counter terror war. Special Counter Terrorist is a counter games where you can become a counter hero in a counter battle and make your nation proud of you as a counter killer. Counter hero is not a designation, you will have to counter terrorist force by sniper shooting skills by using high tech Sniper 3D. So, in this sniper games you are a sniper assassin and you can carry out your sniper battle to counter terrorism.

Missions of US Army Sniper Shooter: Special Counter Terrorist is based by keeping in mind modern battleground. You will have to take best shooting guns in this military war games. While the counter terrorism battle is taking place, you will have to take all the challenges and do stunt shooting to take control of the terrorist. This fps shooting game make you the counter hero like army shooting games because each missions brings new sniper shooting game scenario. Be a strong US Army Sniper Shooter in army action game and carry out high profile missions with your best sniper shooting skills. You playing the fighting games so you should never show your back in the sniper strike battleground. As you will carry out your mission as a specialized sniper shooter, you will taste the true sense of frontline shooting game. So, be a sniper assassin with assault snipers and become the sniper hero of assault shooting games in this survival games. Become elite sniper shooter and fulfilling your missions and countering terrorist by killing all of them in their hideouts.

Features of US Army Sniper Shooter: Special Counter Terrorist are:

-- Heavy guns which can be customized
-- Sniper 3D with best camera views
-- High tech, heavy and multipurpose machinegun
-- Best ever graphics, sounds and animations
-- Realistic 3D battlefields and smooth controls
-- Challenging and hard campaigns for players
-- Addictive gameplay with guide lined gameplay
-- Actual shooting and realistic headshots
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