Police Dog VS Wild Wolf Attack Survival City

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Police Dog Games: Wild Wolf Attack Survival Simulator is all about to save the crime city from wild wolves.

Play this police dog wolf games with adventurous wolf fighting missions. Here you will find exciting police dog missions by attacking on wild wolves those are attacking on innocent. Wild wolves are back in urban town. Become dog hero and make yourself ready to stop wild wolf, gangsters and robbers in police dog chasing games 2020. Don't let them escape with their crime squad and shoot all Vegas gangster in city of crime. Give a hard time to police dog games rivals & take revenge.
Be a Police dog hero and don't let the criminals, gangster, wolf to catch you. It’s really an incredible dog paddle simulator game for those looking to have fun as a doggy. In this dog paddle wolf survival game, you are the trained German shepherd. As a best hunting dog with dog paddle skills, your real mission is to chase down the wild animals, thieves, robbers and criminal who are trying to escape and getting away after breaking into the city and running fast through the streets. Follow criminal suspects and gangsters in various challenging missions with dog paddle, chasing and sniffing skills in this police dog game wild wolf attack city. Sniff out bombs, prevent street crimes and help police duty officers to keep city safe! Use your police dog duty expertise like powerful sense of smell, dog paddle, night vision, and keen hearing. Gangster and wild wolf attack thugs by pouncing on them!
Utilize a combination of dog paddle, attacks by sharpen those teeth and claws! Discard illegal weapons and chase convicts! Don’t let the bad guys escape in crime city! Use your dog duty energies and try to successfully chase & arrest prisoners. Surprise dangerous criminals and never let your town turn into a city of crime! Enjoy Police Dog Wild Wolf Survival Game help US cops to save the city. Use Clever dog hunting, dog paddle and sniffing skills to being the best dog hero dog in wild wolf city! Actually this wild wolf fighting simulator of police dog game is for those who always want to play like a clever k9 dog chasing game. Help US cops to chase and catch hard time criminals and wild animals.

Police Dog Chasing Game is a full adventurous rescue missions that provides you with an opportunity to navigate the dog as he sniffs his way to locate the wild wolves roaming around freely throughout the crime city. Police Dog games are the smartest detective spy around wild wolf city attack. Help the US cop in chasing robbers and gangsters in this police dog wolf games. Your city needs you and want you take a much more challenging and intense dog hero duty mission. So take control of the police dog and wipe out crime from the wild wolf city.

This wolf chasing game gives you an opportunity to be a dog paddle hero. Your mission would be to catch these wild wolves before they put the life of civilians in danger. The security of the airport, subway train station and schools are in your hands now. So what are you waiting for take up the challenge of being a super dog hero of your city and catch all the wolves now.

The police dog games consists of different wild wolf chasing levels and rescue missions. Level 1 will provide you with the necessary training required to pull out the mission successfully. Once you will be ready to face the trouble, you will hit down the roads and chase those wild wolves. Not only this, once you will create a name for yourself in the streets. The wolves would try to attack on you. Beware of all the dangers and start the police dog mission of saving your crime city.

Special Features:
• Trained German Shepherds Police Dog Games
• Exciting 3D Wild Wolf City Environment
• A Unique Police Dog Wolf Gameplay
• Easy Controls of Best Dog Games
• Challenge of Taking on Wild Wolves Attack
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