Ocean Hidden Object Game – Treasure Hunt Adventure

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Dive into fun and feel the magic of ocean world that hides many secrets! Seek and find hidden objects at the bottom of the ocean and discover the mystery of the unknown world.

Play Ocean Hidden Object Game – Treasure Hunt Adventure and experience a completely new level of fun. Follow the mermaid! She will help you find every single hidden object that will prove that all the legends about the lost city of Atlantis are actually true.

Ocean hidden object game – treasure hunt adventure features:

🔍 Adventure mystery game free localized into 15 languages!
🔍 More than 1000 hidden objects to find in this wonder world!
🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full of cool hidden objects!
🔍 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!
🔍 Find the hidden object from the list below & click on it!
🔍 Click on the magnifying glass button to help you find the object!
🔍 For mobile phones only! - Zoom in the picture to find the objects easily!
🔍 Move the picture when it is zoomed to search for hidden object!
🔍 Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mystery scene again!


🍀 Picture search for finding hidden objects quickly and easily!
🔍 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level for finding items!
🍀 Word scramble game level – a hard level to find hidden figures!
🔍 Flashlight or a night mode level – use the light to seek for items!
🍀 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorful cards to pair!
🔍 Find the Difference – a mini game placed among the hidden objects!
🍀 Time limit game - bonus level to train your brain and concentration!

Sail away! Start the mystery quest and be sure that this is the best object finding game for adults you can find on the market. Ocean adventure hidden figures app is perfect for all ages, it will take you to the depth of the ocean that hides many mysteries. Take your diving suit and the mask and start the ocean quest saga. Download Ocean hidden object game – treasure hunt adventure and challenge your detective skills. Search for the evidence and discover the mystery of the ancient temple at the bottom of the sea.

Free adventure hidden object ocean quest game

Maybe you have found the lost city of Atlantis, or maybe this is a completely new world of mystery society that lived there before it disappeared under the sea surface. Play this detective game, seek and find hidden objects for free and have fun all day, every day. This is the best way to kill your boredom and entertain yourself. Ocean hidden object game – treasure hunt adventure is certainly one of the best mystery games you have ever played. Try it now for free and explore the water world!

Fantastic ocean adventure hidden object game with multiple levels!

Find hidden objects in pictures! Search the old pirate shipwreck and take the hidden treasure placed under the deck. Find the treasure chest full of gold and take it to your boat. You can see that there are many valuable hidden objects that can be perfect evidence for your crime scene investigation. Make your own detective story and solve the mystery case. Prepare for the next hidden expedition on Titanic and find what really happened on the boat.

Addictive under the ocean games are placed in this fantastic application!

Reveal the secrets of the deep! Follow the mermaid Aurora and let her help you find mysterious hidden objects that are scattered everywhere at the bottom of the sea. The puzzle hidden objects game will take you to the enchanted world of fairy tale, mystery venue and lost ancient temples that hide so many secrets. Seek and find hidden objects you need in order to go to the next level and continue the quest. Download Ocean hidden object game – treasure hunt adventure for free now. Good luck!
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  • Category: Puzzle
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Hudio Hidden Objects Studio
  • File Size: 35M
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  • License: Free
  • Last Update: February 28, 2021
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