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Do you like the challenge?

Do you want to train and test your brain?
Do you want to exercise your IQ and brainpower?

One way you can try is to play mathematical puzzles, we know that there are currently a lot of puzzle games, a game that is highly recommended for you to practice your math skills is mathematical puzzles.

This game is a brain teaser game created specifically for those of you who want to train or your brain and IQ so you can think better.

This game is very useful for you to practice thinking strategies and also add creativity to find tricks to solve a problem.

For those of you who like to play puzzle games, you can try playing this math puzzle game.

The game is very simple, you will be trained to solve simple mathematical operation:
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division

How to Play:
Which are presented in the form of crossword puzzles, you can simply fill in the blank spaces of these crosswords with numbers or mathematical operators presented.

To play this math game is very simple, Drag numbers and pieces to the appropriate place to solve all connected math equations, you can pull the pieces of the puzzle available at the bottom, choose the appropriate piece and then move it to the empty space of the puzzle box that has not been completely filled, so that it produces the correct mathematical operations.

If the arrangement of the puzzle pieces formed is correct, it will produce correct mathematical operations, and each cell will turn green, but if the operations formed are wrong, then each cell will turn red and must be corrected by exchanging the wrong puzzle pieces for the correct one.

This math puzzle game provides 4 difficulty levels:
- Easy
- Medium
- Hard and
- Expert.

Each level has its own difficulty level.

In the game you can use the help button, the button you can use when you encounter difficulties when compiling a puzzle. The game will help arrange the correct math puzzle pieces for you.

The game will be finished if all puzzle pieces are placed correctly, all puzzle boxes will be green, if the game is finished you will go to the next level.

This game has more than 1000+ levels, and may never end. because this game is made without limits. You can continue playing the game whenever and wherever you like without worrying about running out of levels.

This math puzzle game is highly recommended for those of you who already understand and can complete simple mathematical operations, whatever your age if you meet these requirements can play this game.

Have fun playing and hope you like it. if there are problems with the game please give us your feedback so that the game is more fun and run better.
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