Mafia Boss: Money & Business Life Simulator Game

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Rule the criminal world! Welcome to the real gangster life simulator.

Dive into the criminal business, see how it works from the inside, do your best to become the Godfather and rule your own underworld empire. Rise from a pocket thief to the Mafia Boss!

Mafia Boss is not a simple mafia game - it’s a real gangster life simulator. You’ll need to start your life from scratch and rise from poor to rich mob step by step. Start your career from zero as a poor gangster, find ways to make money and earn as much money as you can. Complete all the shady tasks you’ll be given - the final reward in gold and cash will worth it. Take control of every sphere of your life - career, work, education, health and relationships. Keep an eye on your criminal business - the real Mafia Boss controls every step of his gang and his enemies. Upgrade your apartment buildings, cars and lovers and improve your business skills and status. Rule the mob city and become the wealthiest mob Godfather in a gangster simulator game!

Are you ready to enter the criminal underworld of “Mafia Boss: Money & Business Life Simulator Game”?

💎CHOOSE your career: steal on the streets, join a biker club, counterfeit securities and currency, sell weapons and drugs, hack banks and finally enter the mafia world to become the Godfather.
💎GET EDUCATION - success doesn’t come with ease. Don’t stay idle if you want to make billions - study hard to get the necessary knowledge: information is the most important value you’ll be dealing with. Keep your mind sharp, if you want to run a thriving business in a mafia city.
💎MANAGE your business and climb the career ladder from hacking to the drug dealing. Make profitable investments to increase your wealth with every day coming. Get rich and improve your wealth, upgrade from millionaire to billionaire - here your success and wealth have no limits.
💎COLLECT luxury cars, bikes and personal planes. Show off what rich life looks like - collect houses from manor to personal island.
💎START a family. Get your first family member - a pitbull dog - to share the same food and blanket and go on by marrying a pretty babe that’ll give birth to your future heir. Surround yourself with beautiful women and enjoy the rich life!
💎CONTROL your health. It’s a life simulator after all - check your health and happiness bars and look after your health every day: don’t forget to take your pills and do workouts to survive until you achieve all your goals. It would be a waste to die from hunger or spoiled sood, wouldn’t it?
💎CREATE YOUR IMAGE: at first you’ll need to wear a sports wear and cover your face with a hoodie to not get caught when doing your criminal work, but don’t forget to upgrade your looks according to your status - your people better know who is the boss here!
💎EXPAND your territory and control the whole mafia city. Build an underworld empire and rule the criminal world.
💎BECOME the mob Godfather and make all the families pledge their allegiance to you.

“Mafia Boss: Money & Business Life Simulator Game” - rise from poor to rich, make tons of money, build a criminal empire, control the mob city and become the Godfather.
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  • Category: Casual
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Mobiapps Kft
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  • License: Free
  • Last Update: February 25, 2021
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