Learn Kung Fu at home. đŸ’ªShaolin Kung Fu Course

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Learn the basic steps and movements of this martial art of Kung Fu, what is Kung Fu and what is this martial art for?

Learn about the movements, basic postures and benefits of kung fu or taekwondo with this martial arts app.

Learn kung fu from scratch with these online videos and you will see the benefits that aikido or karate also brings us.
Free online kung fu course easy to learn karate belts, taekwondo or aikido step by step .... with self-defense exercises.

Practice free kung fu from home , the steps, postures and movements with these online self defense videos.
Rules and methods in video tutorials to learn the real Kung Fu from scratch , with training of the steps or kicks correctly.

You will see how easy it is to learn Kung Fu on your own from home with online videos and images and basic Kung Fu techniques .
Learn self defense for this martial art of kung fu with these tutorials in home kung fu training videos and step by step boxing .

Kung Fu has become a regular sport to take care of health and well-being and also as self defense.
Learn the steps of Kung Fu with training exercises as it improves physical and mental health, strengthens the nervous system and regulates blood circulation ... this sport of Kung Fu.
Many styles of kung fu base their techniques on the movements of animals such as cats, insects, birds or reptiles.

Within kung fu the simplest and easiest to learn and does not have many ways to memorize is wing chun.
Kung Fu is a martial art of Chinese origin and with a spiritual base in Buddhism, little violent that leads to concentration and control of energy.

There are several movements typical of this discipline of kung fu with striking, grasping and pushing movements using the limbs and the body as for self defense.
Learn the techniques and methods of exercises and postures of this free martial art step by step, downloading this app online.
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