Laptop Factory: Computer Builder & Maker Games

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Welcome to laptop factory game a tech making simulator for computer building and assembling in big factory mania.

A brand new tech company is opening their laptop maker factory in your town and they are looking for skilled factory worker who have engineering and architectural skills. Join the laptop factory simulator to design, build and assemble smart phones and computer system in large manufacturing unit. Be the best mobile phone maker and electric appliances builder to start the production. Now play this laptop factory games and enjoy virtual simulator of laptop making, designing and packing on conveyor belt.

Little mechanic! Start the laptop assembly process from melting the plastic and filling it in molds to build laptop body case. Cool down the molten plastic and take out the body from molds on conveyor belt. It’s time for creative engineer to assemble the CPU & motherboard. Be the pro repairman to build and design the computer CPU, first cut the semi-conductor sheet to manufacture the laptop motherboard. Use laser cutting machine to prepare the motherboard for assembling electric chips. Use machines to fix the graphics card, CPU, DVD and other electricity supply objects on the main circuit board. Work like a crazy mechanic and repair guy and use soldering machine to join all electrical stuff. Working on computer board is same as smart mobile phone. Along with builder and maker stuff also work as manager to handle all other factory games construction activities.

Choose the best mechanical keyboard to place in laptop. Join the laptop LED screen in the body and join it with screws to fix it. Repair and fix it all the broken and damaged stuff before painting the computers. Choose the best paint color for laptop, mark the laptop with brand stamp and then move it on conveyor belt for packing. Pack the laptop in bubble wrap sheet and then in box. Seal the boxes and load the laptops on the trailer truck to deliver it to mobile phone repair stores and computer shops. This factory builder games is not like car or truck maker games but it has many creative and entertaining stuff.

There are different repairing and fixing mini games in which you will learn how to repair and assemble broken factory machines. This laptop factory simulator game is full of interactive and interesting stuff so it will help in passing boring time. Download Laptop Factory Simulator and learn the step by step process of making laptops in factory 2019.
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