Freezo Snow Storm - Gangster City Ice Superhero

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Do you you want to play as a Gangster City Ice Superhero? Now is the time.

Snow Storm has has special abilities such as freezing objects and people, they will stay temporary solid. This can help you in your fights. If you don't like to fight or the fight is too much for you, you can simple use your rope and get away. Fight with super natural creatures with super fire powers and other super powers. The is one in best superhero games.
Big Island City is waiting for you. Its your choice to play as a superhero or as mafia and gangsters on its streets! Complete quests, get gems, level up and crush your enemies!
Frosty superpowers will help in it - freezing, sliding, walking or climbing walls and etc.
Your own garage at your disposal, as the special store that always open for you: different weapons, and cars and motorbikes, just choose the right!
This game is a simulator of city. You can drive bike or cars. Try out all the supercars and bikes. Make stunts on a car or a bike or big bus and if you don't like them just blow them and destroy them with your super powers. Your aim is to destroy criminal piles in the city? All your enemies are ready to rob, kill, shoot and fight all the cops and you. Are you ready for great anti criminal adventure?

Are you looking for adventures? Iceberg in the area!
Bring the justice with your incredible super skills, be hard as this cold world, make an ice cream from the bad guys!
Stop criminals in this modern urban war, leaving them in the ice age!
Start the fun in this free game and keep the crime frozen!
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