Easy Ways to Learn Candlestick Charts

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What Is a Candlestick Chart in the Trading World?

candlestick is one type of price chart (chart) to map and read price movements on the financial market technically.

Candlestick charts or price charts that use candlesticks are very effective because they can show the activity of price movements with attractive visuals. Studying a candlestick is actually very easy if we understand and memorize various important patterns of candlestick shapes. The key in building a trading strategy using a candlestick is quite simple, namely the size of the candlestick, the shape / pattern of the candlestick and the position or location of the formed candlestick pattern.

The advantage of a candlestick chart is that a number of candlesticks can form a pattern pattern, which can detect the direction of market reversal and pattern continuation.

This application contains the basics about candlestick charts, including:
- Candlestick Chart History
- Functions and Advantages of Candlestick Chart
- Philosophy and the Meaning Behind the Candlestick
- Types of Candlestick Patterns
- 5 Candlestick Patterns
- 5 Trading Strategies with Candlestick Patterns
- Doji Candlestick Pattern
- Tips for Learning to Read Candlestick Signals
- What Is Hanging Man?
- Candlestick Hammer pattern
- Recognizing Bullish Candle Hammer Patterns
- and much more

This application can be downloaded for free without any charge and forever.

This application supports all languages ​​in all countries because this application is equipped with the Google Language Translator feature.

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