Creepy Hospital : Scary - Escape Horror Game

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Welcome to Creepy Hospital:

You were told that you will find a good nurse in this hospital. Now you are stuck in this horror hospital. She is a crazy nurse. She kills everyone. You don't know what to do in a creepy situation like this. Now you have to fight with your fears and weakness. Now, there is no option left for you but to escape!

😱😱😱Fight or Die😱😱😱

All you have to do is escape from this creepy, horror hospital and survive so that you can live in peace once again and meet your family. She is immortal and you cannot kill her. You can find some handy stuff in this abandoned hospital. Try to make her slow with useful objects. She likes meat. You can grab and throw some meat so that she will eat the meat before she kills you. She is not kind because she is a creepy, horror zombie. Meat is her weakness.

She hates the noise. You can grab some noisy stuff to protect yourself. You can buy some time by doing so. Try to be smart and don't make decisions really fast. She always carries an Axe with herself. She protects herself with that Axe. She can kill you instantly with that Axe. Don't be a hero. Just wait for the right moment and play your cards to make her fool.

There are electrical shocks which are used to hide secret objects. Yoo have to disable all the power sources to stop those electrical shocks so that you can escape from that creepy horror hospital. This is what brave people do. They defend themselves and fight to change things back to normal. You have to escape from the horror hospital so that you can see your family again. Try to be smart as you can. She is creepy. You will be scared when you look into her eyes. She will kill you to death. She will not show mercy.

She just looks like an old granny. A granny that can kill you anytime.
A granny that looks scary as hell and she is totally evil from inside.
She always keeps an axe like old granny because she cannot kill you will her bare hands! Don't look into the granny's eyes because she is scary as hell. Try to escape from that old granny and set your self free.

This game is very scary just like Siren head. Siren head is a monster who is evil just like this nurse. Siren head likes to eat people while evil nurse likes to hit people on their head. Siren makes people crazy while evil nurse is crazy herself. Siren head is a horror game like this one. You have to stay calm and escape this horror hospital.

Creepy Hopital is the best free offline escape horror game.

Check out the key features of "Creepy Hospital : Scary - Escape Horror Game":
☆You can pick up objects and other stuff.
☆You can use a clock to make her feel dizzy.
☆You can throw meat to protect yourself.

Creepy Hospital supports multiple languages:
☆English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

☆You can set your touch screen sensitivity during gameplay.
☆You can share this game with your dear friends.
☆You can check out more games.

☆This game contains ads.
☆Use a headset for the best experience.
☆You should be at least 12 years old to play this game.
☆Internet permission is required in order to display ads.
☆Each update will bring new content and improvements based on your comments.

Creepy Hospital : Scary - Escape Horror Game is the best offline scary horror game.
Enjoy the game and thanks for playing :)

Will you escape the creepy haunted hospital?
Download "Creepy Hospital : Scary - Escape Horror Game" today for free!
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