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If you are a fan of shooting games, you probably already know Counter-Strike, which has become a monument of the shooter game series for more than 20 years

How to play CSGO Mobile on Android phones?

There were quite a few problems porting a complex PC game like CS: GO to a version for mobile phones and tablets. This game requires a lot of player manipulation. Just a little difference in movement is enough to distinguish a good player from a normal player. However, CSGO Mobile did a great job in this aspect. The game’s console is quite intuitive. If you have ever played other shooting games on mobile, you will quickly master it. The basic virtual keys are located on either side of the screen like a joystick, reload bullets, shoot, exchange weapons, aim (when using sniper guns).

There are 5 types of moves in CSGO Mobile, including jumping, sitting, walking, standing and running. In particular, walking slowly helps you not reveal footstep sound when moving. In addition to helping you get past some obstacles or jump to some better position to aim, jumping also helps you to appear unexpectedly to the opponent’s awper. However, when you shoot while jumping (jump shot), your firing ability is not high.

modes available in Counter strike Mobile

Currently, CSGO Mobile has only Bomb Defuse mode. If you’re a new gunner and don’t know the rules of the game, I will take a look at it. The ten players are divided into two teams, Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist. The terrorist side must set up the bomb and keep it exploding. On the contrary, the Counter-Terrorist side needs to prevent the Terrorist from placing the C4. If the bomb is already placed, the Counter-Terrorist team will need to defuse the bomb before the bomb explodes to win the round. As a secondary condition, if one side kills all members of the other side, they also win

Download Counter Strike Mobile APK for Android

Many prominent shooting games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, Half-Life have developed a mobile version to dominate this market. The games above have all achieved some success, and we also hope that the mobile version of the best shooting game all-time, CSGO Mobile will soon reach its status. You can download the APK file of this game via the link below.


Offensive Strike mobile is one of the best alternative to the great counter strike game mad by valve.

play as counter terrorist or Terrorist Join your favorite team and start the battle.

Play with up to 16 real players online or play privately with your friends, a team of smart bots are waiting you if you want to enjoy playing as single player.
Play offensive strike in the most realistic environments , show others what you can do to defend yourself as a terrorist or counter terrorist
choose your favorite weapon from around 30 weapons Sub-machine guns, Assault rifles, Snipers, Knifes..

• Offensive Strike Challenging Game Modes

✪ Plant And Defuse
Counter-terrorist should defuse the bomb planted before time over
Team death match Terrorist vs Counter Terrorist
Free for all It's kill or be killed. Kill the other players as many times as you can.

• Offensive Strike Features

★ Offensive strike is a small size game, well optimized for mobile and does not impact your battery while your playing.
★ Perfect optimization even for weak devices!
★ Modern graphics with easy controls!
★ 4 maps to try different tactics! (new maps coming soon)
★ Different combat modes to play with your friends and online players!
★ Chat in real time with your friends and other players

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