Chess Clock - Game Timer & Stats

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Time your games the way you like by selecting any time control from long friendly games to intense tournament mode.

3 modes are available:
- Classic
- Hourglass
- FIDE (Multi-stage)
The FIDE mode turns your Android device into a tournament clock.

You can also select between 3 types of delay and increment:
- Simple delay
- Bronstein delay
- Fisher increment
Set this to 00:00 for a no increment clock.

Configure up to 12 clock presets.

Check out your stats after the game:
- time usage
- average time per move
- fastest / slowest moves
- median time per move
- standard deviation
- game graph

Other features:
- pause clocks at any time, or close the app, and resume your game later
- choose landscape or portrait orientation
- possibility to set different time for both players
- show player names
- show additional countdown for simple and Bronstein delay
- show stage progress for FIDE clocks
- move counter
- full screen display
- customized clock colors (100 combinations available)

You can also activate or deactivate sounds and vibration on moves, final countdown and time out.

Contact us via the app menu to send us feedback or request new features!
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