Awale classic

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The "Awale classic" program allows to play Awale, an old African strategy game also known under names such as Awari, Oware, Ayo, Golem ...

It is played by two players with a tray of 12 squares and seeds.

The program allows you to play 2 but also alone, the game of the other player being provided by the program with seven possible levels of play.

In turn, each player takes the seeds of one of its squares and distributes the following squares, and under certain conditions can collect seeds from last squares where he distributed. Whoever collects the most seeds wins.

There are many variants of Awale rules, and the program is based on the classic rules called rules of Côte d'Ivoire or "Abapa." But for those who are accustomed to a little different rules, options allows to amend these rules in order to match or come close to their usual rules. You will find a clear definition of rules and options in the online help provided with the program and also available on the website.

To approach the conditions of the real game, you will see on your screen distribution and collection of seeds, and you will not see the counts of seeds but images of squares of a handmade game with seeds. As in a real game you can easily find seeds counts of squares when their number is limited, but when there is a lot you can only rely on your memory. However, for players who prefer to see the counts displayed, or to simulate counting his seeds that can be allowed, an option and a command allow to display the counts in full or part.

If you play in landscape mode, the game scren will look like a real game. By cons, if you prefer to play in portrait mode the squares will be placed to keep better in the screen.

The program contains many other possibilities that can be seen by examining the help: the ability to undo and redo recursively strokes, endgame options, game initialization options, the ability to define several options sets, the definition of names of players...
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